Bootstrapped, Episode 60, “Pump the hotness”

We discuss how we don’t hold to our topic, home contractors, physical servers, internet secure, desktop software development, rewriting software from scratch, online banking, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars vs Star Trek (again).

Thanks to Linode for sponsoring the show this week.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 58

In this episode, we discuss Andrey’s PhillyPopecation, Release Notes Conference, how we do sales at UserScape, why you should never offer unlimited/site licenses, Jet Brains pricing, SaaS pricing for on-premise products, Ian’s Last Of Us update, video game violence, “shooting feel” in a game, we talk AGAIN about having dogs, dead fish.

Graciously sponsored by: Release Notes Conference. Offer code: bootstrapped for $100 off.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 56, “Rated R”

Andrey swears a lot, we talk about nearly everything except bootstrapping! Stay until the end to hear us discuss Star Wars, 2001, Contact, Guardians of the Galaxy (classic!), Superman vs Batman.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 52, “Dead Man’s Switch”

Download this episode where we discuss Ian’s health update, how Scribbbleton handles synchronization, moving, coworking and working from home, real estate business, discussing revenues, vote for us on iTunes!

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Bootstrapped, Episode 50, “50”

Download this episode. This week we fail to discuss that it’s our 50th episode, family impact on development, Andrey might be hiring a helper so contact him, crazy contract work, Servers for Hackers, UTF–8, Bootstrapped app we don’t have time for, Markdown, Moto X review, a plumber will run UserScape for a day.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 48, “Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo”

We chat with special guest Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo. We cover the full gamut from bootstrapping, VC, competing against Google, Perl, privacy, advertising, remote work, finding customers, biz dev and Gabriel’s new book Traction.


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Bootstrapped, Episode 46, “Jeffrey Way of Laracasts”

This week we have special guest Jeffrey Way. We talk about how he’s bootstrapped Laracasts, how he got started in Laravel, the philosophy behind Laracasts, pricing, hiring, building a personal brand, supporting open source, how to make a great screencast, working for The Man.

Thanks to this weeks sponsor: Linode

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Bootstrapped, Episode 44, “I’m Recording Now”

Ian’s (non-life threatening) health issues, delaying the Bootstrapped Conference, quarters as a service, app translation, LaraJobs, what we’d do if we had to work someplace else, Scribbleton update, twitter as protocol.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 42, “Let’s get Wil Wheaton”

This week we talk about Scribbleton, Sponsor us!, Rails apps, The Conference, semi-obscure Seinfeld references, Apple WWDC, Beats and Jimmy Ionvine, and much much much more!


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