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  1. We argue for and against having a monthly email newsletter for your product. Ed is firmly in the "No way" corner. Steve represents the "You gotta have a newsletter" side. Let the debate begin!

  2. Ed and I cover a lot of ground this week: nerves, geo-trivia as marketing, a brief foray into geopolitics, using Twitter for marketing, the frustrating unpredictability of what marketing efforts will bear fruit, the pleasure of working from home, and dealing with zombie customers.

  3. Ed and Steve talk about the mental stress of having real-time business metrics, how to find a business mentor, and Steve's attempt to get started with enterprise sales.

  4. Allan Jardine is the creator of DataTables, a popular jQuery plugin. We discuss his challenges and successes as he learned how to make a viable business from creating Open Source software.


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Hi, I’m Steve McLeod, founder of Feature Upvote and acquirer of Saber Feedback. I’ve been bootstrapping since 2008. Follow me on Twitter.