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  1. I conclude the mini season of interviews with a brief summary of the five interviews I conducted. A few weeks ago, my cohost had a cycling that student that broke his jaw. As a result he had to take a break from the podcast while he was recovering. In the meantime, I invited a few people to come onto the podcast and talk about their businesses, their work and themselves.

  2. Bridget is co-founder and CEO of, an online scheduling tool. I chat with Bridget Harris about the 10-year journey of starting and growing her company as a bootstrapped SaaS. Amongst other things we discuss the financial sacrifices bootstrappers have to make in a rapidly growing business.

  3. I chat with Peter Cooper, who runs several email newsletters, including JavaScript WeeklyRuby WeeklyReact Status, and Postgres Weekly. These all live under the collective banner of Cooperpress.

  4. April Dunford has a well-deserved reputation as the expert in product positioning within the tech industry. April and I discussed how bootstrappers can go about product positioning.


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