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  1. Both Ed and Steve are feeling a little bit stressed, perhaps at the beginning of burnout. We discuss why this might be, and what we are doing about it.

  2. Nick Swan was about to launch paid plans for his SaaS when a sudden terrible life event changed everything for Nick and his family.

    “The doctor said, ‘You have to go the main hospital now. Drive straight up there. Don’t even pack a bag.’ He didn’t say what it was, but he said it was serious.”

    We discuss how this affected his life, his family and his mentality as a bootstrapper.

  3. Aidan Doyle is a science fiction writer. Amongst his work are two self-published books, including The Writer's Book of Doubt. I'm planning to produce a book later this year as a marketing endeavour for Feature Upvote. So I chatted with Aidan to get tips on how to do this well.

  4. Ed and Steve discuss the return of Microconf Europe as an in-person event, working out if a new feature is worth the effort, and weighing the risk of becoming a customer of someone’s side project.


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