#106 – Sylvestre Dupont – Cofounder of Parseur

In my conversation with Sylvestre from Parseur, we discuss how bootstrapping allowed Sylvestre to move to Mauritius. We also discuss:

  • Collecting domain names
  • Leaving consulting to bootstrap a SaaS
  • Bootstrapping with the generous assistance of the French government(!)
  • The tough months before the first sale – and then the elation after the first sale
  • Using Quora to land the first customers – and to learn the language used by your potential customers
  • Using Zapier for leads
  • The difficulty of opening a Dutch company when you don’t speak Dutch
  • Choosing a place to live when you work remotely
  • The challenges and rewards of bootstrapping from Mauritius
  • Translating your website for SEO gains
  • Travelling the world by cargo ship
  • Supporting customers from a cruise ship via satellite Internet


Contact Sylvestre on Twitter at @slybridges