Bootstrapped, Episode 13, “Boiler Room”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey discuss getting ready to deploy Uberdeck, Snappy progress, what’s next for Snappy marketing, stories of first job interviews, the benefits, if any, of a college education, selling into the consumer space, the experience of buying software in a box, selling software before making software and vetting product ideas.




Bootstrapped, Episode 12, “The Analogy”

Download this episode, in which Andrey and Ian discuss mistakes with Snappy’s initial website, building multiple products vs focusing on a single product, fixing the app store, recommendations on going into the mobile space, and Derek Sivers new company and how he outsourced it all.

Bootstrapped, Episode 11, “Bootstrapping a Software Consulting Company”

Download this episode, in which Andrey and Ian sit down with Carl Diesing from DNL OmniMedia, and Chris Hawkins from Cogeian Systems, to talk about bootstrapping a successful software consulting company.


Bootstrapped, Episode 10, “Gymboree”

Download this episode, in which we go over the launch of Snappy, the Laravel 4 release, taking care of kids and kid gym options, Bootstrap conferences, app metrics and Infoproducts!