Bootstrapped, Episode 15, “Patrick McKenzie (patio11) on Selling Software”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey are joined by special guest, Patrick McKenzie (patio11), to discuss the “early” days of the Business of Software forums, Patrick’s journey and daily routine, Helpdesk systems and support, Appointment Reminder,  systemizing and automating daily tasks, SaaS, B2C vs. B2B, pricing of software, consulting, learning from Blackhats, Hacker News, marketing, Uberdeck, making money from open source, dual-licensing, running a conference, hacker meetups, Patrick’s biggest mistake in business, Patrick’s next product, and Facebook games.



8 thoughts on “Bootstrapped, Episode 15, “Patrick McKenzie (patio11) on Selling Software””

  1. Great show guys! I will mention there was a small mistake in saying that I went to the 30×500 course. Never attended it, though I really like Amy’s approach to building and launching products.

    Also, Andrey’s comment that my blog shows that I got a good launch list and hit $1k in revenue with relatively little work, is really interesting. It’s interesting because it totally didn’t happen that way…it was a TON of work 🙂

    I went back and skimmed through my posts and sure enough, it all sounds pretty easy and like I had lots of traction with little effort. So, I’ve been inspired to write a post about how many times I failed to get traction, and almost failed on the road to that first $1k.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Ruben.

      Looking forward to that blog post! Let me know when it’s up, and we’ll add the link to the show notes.

  2. hi guys, great podcast, but it sounds like there is someone clicking a pen all the way through the interview, which is quite distracting. :o)

    1. Huh… I see a pen sitting here next to me. No idea if it actually was me though. I feel like I need to setup a hidden camera on myself to find out.

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