Bootstrapped, Episode 22, “Meh”

Download this episode, in which we give away an amazing social mobile podcast product idea, Blackberry (sorry), App stores, Andrey’s gripes with Laravel 4 and other techy things, asset management in front end web development, Vi, Breaking Bad finale!!!, Living in NYC, Perch CMS meetup, Business of Software conference

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Bootstrapped, Episode 21, “Special Guest: Andy Brice”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey sit down with special guest, Andy Brice, to discuss Perfect Table Plan, software marketing, creating desktop software vs. SaaS web apps, software pricing, cross-platform development with QT, analytics, measuring how many people are ‘word-of-mouth’ customers, Andy’s 2-day intensive training course on starting your own software business, practical software products, the legacy of shareware, the effect of SaaS apps on lifestyle, A/B testing, Adwords, email vs. helpdesk system for one-person companies, and martial arts.




Bootstrapped, Episode 20, “Hard Stop”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey discuss their appearances on other podcasts, depression caused by taking consulting work, how Andrey will structure his day, Apple keynote and how new hardware relates to mobile development, releasing software in the app store, SaaS searching tech and more.

Bootstrapped, Episode 19, “No Red Candy!”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey discuss Laracon EU, Snappy, web app activity tracking and analytics, Uberdeck, marketing as your primary daily activity, Andrey’s next app, native clients vs. mobile web apps vs. responsive design for a SaaS product, front-end web dev frameworks, annual SaaS billing, getting dumber, Vincent van Gogh, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Texas.


(Sorry for the crappy audio quality on Andrey’s side in this episode; he’ll get it right one of these days).