Bootstrapped, Episode 26, “Party All the Time”

Download this podcast where Andrey sings Party All the Time by Eddie Murphy, booze, big UberDeck update, marketing, Snappy mobile app, mobile app reviews, VM’s,16 terminals tiled (huh?), everything is noodles (huh?), coworking, healthcare plans, more marketing, doing marketing under your own name, Ian’s idea for a new app

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Bootstrapped, Episode 25, “Devil’s Advocate”

Download this episode, in which we talk about dollar stores, dogs and babies, the new Helpspot release, support contracts, requiring a credit card at signup, pricing and recurring billing, info-products, SaaS being unsatisfying, digging new holes, the point of growing, all software going to zero.



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Bootstrapped, Episode 24, “Batman Voice”

Download this episode, in which we talk about Batman, Software going to $0, Pricing again, Saas sucking, High school/depression, Business of Software Conference, A/B testing, Insurance, Andrey and me opening a coffee shop comic book store, Batman Arkham Origins, how we’re the Seinfeld of bootstrap podcasting, Everpix closing, soup delivery, $7.95 cupcakes, our side projects that make us no money.

We’re going to try to do a meetup if you’re in the NYC area. Contact us or post to the board if you’re interested.

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