Bootstrapped, Episode 33, “This is what happens to growth hackers.”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey talk about Florida, children, stupid teenagers, growing up, stories that go nowhere, growth hackers, hiring a content engineer, unit testing, John Carmack, spending $13,000 on marketing automation software, motorcycles, and baseball tickets.


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Bootstrapped, Episode 32, “The Full Stallman”

Download this episode. Andrey talks about Gone Home and the impact it’s had on his life, but won’t give details!  Voiceovers, Antair is 9 years old, UserScape is almost 9 though Ian considers it 10, the good old days of bootstrapping, the constant re-inventing of Antair, Ian goes on a rant about Growth Hacking, project management apps, Ian rants again about marketing automation tools, remote work, Ian talking at Microconf, beards, Ian ranting about taking his family to Disney

Bootstrapped, Episode 31, “We are Joel, together.”

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey talk about growing to a point where you have no idea where stuff is in your own company, building mobile clients for Snappy and Quintu, Minecraft, live coding streams, games, client work, system administration with SaaS, the Sturgeon/Laravel argument, the forums, SaaS growth curves, the PHP Book Book, Seinfeld, Bill Gates, and the Gone Home game.



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Bootstrapped, Episode 30, “Special Guest: Gavin Bowman”

Special guest Gavin Bowman of RetroDreamer talks about bootstrapping a mobile gaming company. The business of software forums come up… again, expanding a gaming shop and how creativity factors into that, Ian asks too many questions about gaming and such, Being able to be done, revenue fear, ads vs paid, platforms, Apple review controversy

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