Bootstrapped, Episode 41, “90% good looks. 10% ideas.”

In this episode, we talk about Laracon, holding a conference in New York, Snappy Concierge, experimental coding, Scribbleton, the Mac app store, the conference, managing product websites, and disruptive businesses.


If you’d like to sign-up to be notified about the details of the conference, you can do so on the conference page at

If you’d like to participate in the discussion surrounding the conference dates, venues, speakers, location, etc, we’ve set up a forum thread for that.


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Bootstrapped, Episode 40, “Andrey Butov’s Fizzilization”

In this episode we discuss talking at conferences, Star Wars, and sci-fi, video games, Ludum Dare and game dev competitions, the current Antair project list, user interfaces for kids’ apps, Scribbleton, multi-platform development, Snappy, domain registrars, and the Oculus Rift for virtual offices.



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