Bootstrapped, Episode 58

In this episode, we discuss Andrey’s PhillyPopecation, Release Notes Conference, how we do sales at UserScape, why you should never offer unlimited/site licenses, Jet Brains pricing, SaaS pricing for on-premise products, Ian’s Last Of Us update, video game violence, “shooting feel” in a game, we talk AGAIN about having dogs, dead fish.

Graciously sponsored by: Release Notes Conference. Offer code: bootstrapped for $100 off.

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Bootstrapped, Episode 57

In this episode, we discuss returning for another season, first day of school, finishing up consulting work and returning to product work, co-founding a new company, HelpSpot 4, having a full-time sales person, Snappy, Quantic Insights, programmers and math, mobile apps for kids, Star Wars, Mad Max, and home theater setup.



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