Been invited to be a guest? We have helpful info for you.

We’ve been creating helpful podcast episodes for software bootstrappers since 2013.

Some episodes are interviews with experts. Other episodes are open discussions between bootstrappers. There are also, rarely, solo episodes, with one person digging deeply into a topic.

Your hosts

Episodes 105 onwards
Steve McLeod, founder of Feature Upvote and acquirer of Saber Feedback, has been bootstrapping since 2008.

Episodes 1 to 104
In the early days of bootstrapping Ian Landsman started UserScape, launching with HelpSpot in 2005.

Andrey Butov founded Antair in 2005, and has since released multiple software products. You can see some of his work at andreybutov.com/work

Guest enquiries

I’m unlikely to accept your unsolicited request to be a guest unless I already know you, or you are well-known to software bootstrappers.

Nevertheless, if you’d still like to enquire, send me an email. If you are writing on behalf of a client or your boss, don’t waste your time or mine: the answer is always no.

Your chances are higher if you can include links to you already appearing on a podcast or speaking in public.

Sponsorship Enquiries

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Audio production on many episodes by Dave Hicking.

The music heard at the opening and closing of some episode of Bootstrapped is “Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again”, by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles, used under a Creative Commons license.