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  1. Bootstrapped, Episode 39, “Take them to Hooters”

    This week we discuss profanity, Microconf, Peersconf, business evolution, Andrey Do-gooder, product trials, Notch and motivation beyond money, Minecraft, multiple saas apps, acquiring products and building vs buying, coder vs marketer, Andrey should do an ebook Stampy Minecraft videos UI Breakfast Ian’s Microconf slides @sil MicroISV From Vision to Reality Andrey’s Dr.Dobbs article NYT Now […]

  2. Bootstrapped, Episode 39, “After Dark”

    Another few minutes on this weeks podcast where we discuss things to do in New York City.

  3. Bootstrapped, Episode 38, “Special guest: Eric Miller”

    In this episode, we sit down with Eric Miller, of Eric Miller Design, to talk about Eric’s design studio, his products, UX Kits, bootstrapping physical products, working with your spouse, Dribbble, Facebook and Twitter ads, OpenSSL, Brooklyn, Long Island, Poughkeepsie, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. Eric Miller Design UX Kits Redesigning Solspace Katy […]

  4. Bootstrapped, Episode 37, “Hush! The grown-ups are talking.”

    In this episode, we discuss tax credits, branding and positioning, JitBit, John Carmack, Oculus, Zuckerberg, young people running companies, VR,, Snappy, marketing tracking software, naming projects, and growth hackers vs. bootstrappers. Rob Walling – HitTail Section 199 Domestic Production Tax Credit Chasing Product interview with Alex Yumashev – JitBit John Carmack Masters of Doom by […]

  5. Bootstrapped, Episode 36, “White hat growth hacker”

    We discuss more growth hacking scum, the podcasts 1 year birthday, building a business for more than money, SaaS vs download, SaaS thriving off dead accounts, code builds, game console emulators, open source doc and design quality, open source vs open source and free, publishing, conference talks. Jason Cohen Monetizing Children Is SaaS the Only […]

  6. Bootstrapped, Episode 35, “Hate the SaaS!”

    In this episode, we discuss screaming squirrels, being busy, clients, project estimates, VC backed companies, why we hate SaaS, mobile app ickiness, and the value of ideas. “Is 5X the new 2X in SaaS?” “Give me $300 or the website gets it!” The icky mobile apps article   Discuss this episode with other bootstrappers  

  7. Bootstrapped, Episode 34, “Don’t Shake the SaaS Tree”

    We discuss confusion over our voices, taxes, vacation, Disney tracking your meat, off topic, doppelgängers, SPF records, Al Bundy/Married With Children, Evernote, pruning your twitter account, Groupon marketing genius, Flappy Bird and the mobile cesspool, Rick Ellis, product first mindset, we’re over SaaS Disney and the Meat Space Laracon Andrey’s Doppleganger (Doppelgangers) Mobile Developer Weekly SPF […]

  8. Bootstrapped, Episode 33, “This is what happens to growth hackers.”

    Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey talk about Florida, children, stupid teenagers, growing up, stories that go nowhere, growth hackers, hiring a content engineer, unit testing, John Carmack, spending $13,000 on marketing automation software, motorcycles, and baseball tickets. Irene McGee – and her recent article. Userscape is hiring a Content Engineer Ruben Gamez on […]

  9. Bootstrapped, Episode 32, “The Full Stallman”

    Download this episode. Andrey talks about Gone Home and the impact it’s had on his life, but won’t give details!  Voiceovers, Antair is 9 years old, UserScape is almost 9 though Ian considers it 10, the good old days of bootstrapping, the constant re-inventing of Antair, Ian goes on a rant about Growth Hacking, project management […]

  10. Bootstrapped, Episode 31, “We are Joel, together.”

    Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey talk about growing to a point where you have no idea where stuff is in your own company, building mobile clients for Snappy and Quintu, Minecraft, live coding streams, games, client work, system administration with SaaS, the Sturgeon/Laravel argument, the forums, SaaS growth curves, the PHP Book […]