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  1. #135: How to improve Saber Feedback’s website content, with Hannah Adcock of Contented Strategy

    Content specialist Hannah Adcock audited Saber Feedback’s website. In this episode, she tells us what’s good about our site and what needs to change.

  2. #134: Why I chose to acquire Saber Feedback

    Frequent guest co-host Ed Freyfogle has questions about why I acquired Saber Feedback, what the acquisition process was like, and what plans I have for Saber Feedback in the coming months.

  3. #133: Why Matt Bearman chose to sell his bootstrapped product, Saber Feedback

    Matt Bearman, original founder of Saber Feedback, discusses the experience of creating, growing, and then selling Saber Feedback.

  4. #132: COVID-19 and our businesses

    Ed Freyfogle and I discuss how COVID-19 is affecting our lives, our families, and our businesses. We also talk a little about my acquisition of Saber Feedback.

  5. #130: A brief hiatus

    A short episode where I explain why the podcast is on break for a few weeks.

  6. #129: Driving to Mongolia while running a mission-critical SaaS

    Julian Wilde of Wormly describes how he was able to drive across central Asia while running a SaaS.

  7. #128: Dealing with bootstrapper stress

    Bootstrapping is stressful. I share seven ways I try to manage the stress of being a software bootstrapper.

  8. #127: SaaS products we use to run our businesses

    We discuss some of the SaaS products we rely on to run our businesses: what they are and why we use them.

  9. #126: Why Dave Rodenbaugh acquired an existing business instead of starting from scratch

    When Dave Rodenbaugh wanted to run a software business, he decided to buy an existing one. He tells me why he did this, how he chose the business, and what he did right and wrong along the way. He also shares – painfully – his embarrassing $50K mistake. Dave runs Recapture and is co-host of the Rogue Startups […]

  10. #125: Tracking what you spend on your business

    I’m joined again by frequent guest co-host Ed Freyfogle. We talk about how we track the spending on our businesses. We mentioned a rewards card for Startups from Cledara. Thanks to EmailToolTester who sponsored this episode. Find the best email newsletter service for you with EmailToolTester’s calculator. Discuss this episode and more on our discussion forum for Bootstrappers.