#110: “Living the Bootstrapper dream” with Robin Warren, founder of Corrello

Robin and I discuss living the Bootstrapper dream – and how the dream changes over time. We also go off topic and discuss surfing up the Bristol Channel.


#109 – Andy Brice – Founder of EasyDataTransform

Andy and I discuss why he’s created a new product, even though he already has two successful products.

We also discuss:

  • how Andy manages a portfolio of three desktop apps as a one-person team
  • how to name products
  • choosing a market
  • usability testing
  • choosing to remain a one-person team
  • the benefits of the founder doing customer support
  • why many one-person businesses are actually two-people businesses


#108 – Hannah Adcock – Owner of Contented Strategy

Hannah and I discuss content strategy for bootstrappers.

Hannah’s website: https://contentedstrategy.com/

Hannah’s book: “Content Strategy for Solopreneurs, Startups, Charities and Growing Businesses”: https://contentedstrategy.com/content_strategy_for_startups.html

How to do a content audit: https://contentedstrategy.com/blog/2019/05/17/startup-content-audit.html

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg: https://www.amazon.com/Traction-Startup-Achieve-Explosive-Customer/dp/1591848369

#107 – Robert Brandl – Founder of WebsiteToolTester

Robert and I discuss how to hire and manage freelancers. We also discuss how having children forces you to change the way you work.

Robert’s 4 tips for a healthy freelancer relationship:

  1. Meet in person from time to time, if possible
  2. Pay at the higher end of their expected rate
  3. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat them they way you expect to be treated
  4. Let them know the positive results of their work


#106 – Sylvestre Dupont – Cofounder of Parseur

In my conversation with Sylvestre from Parseur, we discuss how bootstrapping allowed Sylvestre to move to Mauritius. We also discuss:

  • Collecting domain names
  • Leaving consulting to bootstrap a SaaS
  • Bootstrapping with the generous assistance of the French government(!)
  • The tough months before the first sale – and then the elation after the first sale
  • Using Quora to land the first customers – and to learn the language used by your potential customers
  • Using Zapier for leads
  • The difficulty of opening a Dutch company when you don’t speak Dutch
  • Choosing a place to live when you work remotely
  • The challenges and rewards of bootstrapping from Mauritius
  • Translating your website for SEO gains
  • Travelling the world by cargo ship
  • Supporting customers from a cruise ship via satellite Internet


Contact Sylvestre on Twitter at @slybridges

#105 – A new iteration of Bootstrapped

This is a short and special episode in which I share some news about the podcast.

Back in 2013, Ian Landsman and Andrey Butov started the Bootstrapped podcast together.

Over the next few years they created more than 100 excellent episodes.

Now Andrey and Ian both want to concentrate on their core products. But instead of ending the podcast altogether, they’ve given me the opportunity to pick it up and continue with new episodes.

I’m grateful for this opportunity – I’ve been a loyal listener since almost day one, and I’ve learnt many things by listening along.

So starting with this episode, I’m your new host.

I’ve been bootstrapping since 2008, and over that time I’ve had two successful products and a few failures. These days I focus on building Feature Upvote, my B2B SaaS.

For now, I’m going to host the podcast alone, but that will change if I find the right cohost. In each episode I’m interviewing a bootstrapper, who can share with us their story. Hopefully we’ll have something to learn from each guest.

I’m aiming to release a new episode every two weeks.

You can already listen to my first full episode, in which I talk with Sylvestre Dupont from Parseur. Sylvestre did something many of us dream of – once his bootstrapped business was earning enough for him and his wife to live on, they moved to a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Go and listen to episode 106 to hear the full story.