1. I talk with Brian Casel, founder of ZipMessage, an asynchronous video messaging tool.

  2. Ed tells me why and how he obtained a trademark for his business. We discuss when it is worthwhile to do this. We then talk about the trouble with having competitors clone your product or website content.

  3. I chat with Robert Brandl, founder of ToolTester.com. We talk about Robert's recent experience changing the domain name of his website. It was an expensive experience, and one that, for a while, did not go to plan.

  4. #214: I hired a marketer

    Ed and I chat about my recent experience hiring a marketing manager for Feature Upvote, including how I went about finding the right person.

  5. Ed  interviews Charles Perry, founder of RelaNet. Charles was the co-host of Release Notes, a long-running podcast that Charles and his co-host recently ended.

  6. We talk about Ed's launch of his new product line.

  7. Frequent guest Peldi, founder of Balsamiq, makes another welcome appearance.

    We talk about some ways to strengthen company culture in a fully-remote team, we discuss advice that Peldi often gives to first-time entrepreneurs, and Peldi tells me why he might finally start with traditional product marketing – 14 years after he launched his product.

  8. Part 2 of Ed Freyfogle's 50 tips for running a stress-free SaaS.

  9. Ed Freyfogle shares with us his 50 tips for running a stress-free SaaS. This is based on Ed's talk he prepared for MicroConf late last year, but was unable to deliver due to misfortune.

  10. This week I go solo and rant about the dismal deeds of a desperate competitor. I also talk about the freedom that bootstrapping gives us to change our approach, our style, our audience while staying true to the nature of what we do.

  11. #207: Our goals for 2022

    Ed and I discuss the goals we'd like to achieve in 2022.

  12. Back in episode 163, Ed and I set our goals for 2021. In this episode we look back at those goals and we ask ourselves, how well did we do in achieving them?

  13. I give Ed an update on what I've achieved on Saber Feedback in recent months.

  14. #204: Ed can speak again

    Ed tells us about his accident he had, and the impact it had on his life and business. He also talks about how it got him reflecting about his business.

  15. I conclude the mini season of interviews with a brief summary of the five interviews I conducted. A few weeks ago, my cohost had a cycling that student that broke his jaw. As a result he had to take a break from the podcast while he was recovering. In the meantime, I invited a few people to come onto the podcast and talk about their businesses, their work and themselves.

  16. Bridget is co-founder and CEO of YouCanBook.me, an online scheduling tool. I chat with Bridget Harris about the 10-year journey of starting and growing her company as a bootstrapped SaaS. Amongst other things we discuss the financial sacrifices bootstrappers have to make in a rapidly growing business.

  17. I chat with Peter Cooper, who runs several email newsletters, including JavaScript WeeklyRuby WeeklyReact Status, and Postgres Weekly. These all live under the collective banner of Cooperpress.

  18. April Dunford has a well-deserved reputation as the expert in product positioning within the tech industry. April and I discussed how bootstrappers can go about product positioning.

  19. Jane Portman is the host of UI Breakfast, a podcast covering UI/UX design, products, marketing.  Jane recently crossed the  2 million downloads milestone. Jane and I discussed the journey from the first episodes, with almost no listeners, to where she is today.

  20. Simon runs SnapShooter, a service that performs scheduled server backups. We discuss: