1. Steve tells Ed all about the sale of his desktop app. We talked about why I sold off the desktop app I've been running for 12 years, how I found a purchaser, and the emotional ride of negotiating and handing over the app.

  2. Ed Freyfogle of OpenCage Geocoder and I (founder of Feature Upvote) discuss how we handle customer cancellation requests in our respective SaaS products. We discuss how we might do it differently.

  3. Last week we heard Ed's top 5 habits for small teams. This week, Steve shares the habits he uses to keep his small team productive.

  4. #119: Small team habits part 1

    Ed shares his top 5 habits he recommends for small bootstrapping teams, to keep your product as good as it should be.

  5. Steve and Ed consider whether Freemium is a viable business model for bootstrappers.

  6. #117: Selling to Developers

    Ed from OpenCage Geocoder and I talk about the marketing techniques that work - and don't work - when you product is targeted towards developers.

  7. I’m joined by Ed Freyfogle for the first of several episodes in which he is my cohost. Ed is the co-founder of OpenCage Geocoder, a bootstrapped, profitable SaaS.

  8. Craig and I are both bootstrapping our businesses while living in foreign countries. In this episode we discuss what that's like for us personally. We also discuss the challenging practicalities of visas, languages, and business while living abroad.

  9. Craig turns the tables and interviews me about Feature Upvote and about this podcast.

  10. We discuss how you can become a speaker at events, and whether this is a viable way to raise awareness of your product and services.

  11. Craig and I discuss how bootstrappers can use the podcasting ecosystem to promote their products.

  12. I'm joined by Craig Hewitt for the first of several episodes in which he is my cohost.

  13. Robin and I discuss living the Bootstrapper dream - and how the dream changes over time. We also go off topic and discuss surfing up the Bristol Channel.

  14. Andy and I discuss why he's created a new product, even though he already has two successful products.

  15. Hannah and I discuss content strategy for bootstrappers.

  16. Robert and I discuss how to hire and manage freelancers. We also discuss how having children forces you to change the way you work.

  17. In my conversation with Sylvestre from Parseur, we discuss how bootstrapping allowed Sylvestre to move to Mauritius. We also discuss:

  18. This is a short and special episode in which I share some news about the podcast.

  19. In this episode we're joined by Natalie Nagele from Wildbit to talk about starting a business vs. consulting, employees with side hustles, how to pick conferences to attend, and yes, GDPR.

  20. In this episode we discuss conferences & traveling, birthday parties for kids, .app domains, and Andrey's new GDPR-related project Consent Monitor.