Greatest Hits

  1. April Dunford has a well-deserved reputation as the expert in product positioning within the tech industry. April and I discussed how bootstrappers can go about product positioning.

  2. Peldi Guilizzoni continues this mini-season as he chats with married couple Geraldine DeRuiter (author) and Rand Fishkin (software founder) on how their fields differ – and how they are more similar than you’d think.

  3. Nick Swan was about to launch paid plans for his SaaS when a sudden terrible life event changed everything for Nick and his family.

    “The doctor said, ‘You have to go the main hospital now. Drive straight up there. Don’t even pack a bag.’ He didn’t say what it was, but he said it was serious.”

    We discuss how this affected his life, his family and his mentality as a bootstrapper.

  4. My guest in this episode is Corey Haines, founder of Swipe Files. Swipe Files is a membership site that provides content, community, and courses to help you master marketing.

  5. Peldi Guilizzoni is the founder of low-fidelity wireframing tool Balsamiq.

  6. Moritz Dausinger, founder of, chats about his success as a serial founder of bootstrapped SaaS products. He founded and sold two B2B SaaS apps, and now he's doing it a third time.

  7. Alex runs a successful help desk software company with only 3 employees, competing in a crowded market.

  8. Matt Bearman, original founder of Saber Feedback, discusses the experience of creating, growing, and then selling Saber Feedback.

  9. Courtenay Farquharson shares how he built up Parserr to more than $10K monthly revenue - and why he sold it.

  10. Steve tells Ed all about the sale of his desktop app. We talked about why I sold off the desktop app I've been running for 12 years, how I found a purchaser, and the emotional ride of negotiating and handing over the app.

  11. #117: Selling to Developers

    Ed from OpenCage Geocoder and I talk about the marketing techniques that work - and don't work - when you product is targeted towards developers.

  12. Hannah and I discuss content strategy for bootstrappers.