Greatest Hits

  1. Matt Bearman, original founder of Saber Feedback, discusses the experience of creating, growing, and then selling Saber Feedback.

  2. Julian Wilde of Wormly describes how he was able to drive across central Asia while running a SaaS.

  3. Courtenay Farquharson shares how he built up Parserr to more than $10K monthly revenue - and why he sold it.

  4. Steve and Ed consider whether Freemium is a viable business model for bootstrappers.

  5. Craig turns the tables and interviews me about Feature Upvote and about this podcast.

  6. Andy and I discuss why he's created a new product, even though he already has two successful products.

  7. In my conversation with Sylvestre from Parseur, we discuss how bootstrapping allowed Sylvestre to move to Mauritius. We also discuss: