I’d like to be on your podcast

I want to be a guest on your podcast…or on your friend’s podcast, or on the podcast you really enjoy listening to. Particularly if the theme is bootstrapping or startups or product management.

I’m Steve McLeod. I’ve been hosting the new iteration of the Bootstrapped podcast since September 2019. I now want to experience being on the other side.

Interested? Please contact me via Twitter: https://twitter.com/steveofmcleod or email.

Why you should have me on your podcast

  • I’ll promote your interview with me – and hence your podcast – where I can – Twitter, my own podcast, my email newsletter, and on the Bootstrapped forum.
  • I’m happy to be a guest even if your podcast is new and has a small audience.
  • I’ve got a year’s worth of experience being a podcast host. Now I would like to experience being on the other side too.
  • I’ve got all the gear and I’m ready to record some quality audio.
  • Over the last 12 years I’ve bootstrapped two products to profitability – and failed at some others.
  • In the last 12 months I’ve sold one bootstrapped business and bought another.
  • I’m currently trying to do a “Gordon Ramsay” on a bootstrapped B2B SaaS I acquired. That is, fix the problems and make it sustainably profitable. (I swear a lot less than Gordon Ramsay, though.)
  • I’m probably the only guest you’ll ever have with a Trans-Tasman accent. What’s a Trans-Tasman accent? Good question! Let’s discuss it on your show.

Don’t have a podcast but want to help?

Contact the hosts on your favourite podcast and suggest they invite me on! You can send them a link to the page you are reading right now.