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The Bootstrapped podcast is long-running and has a loyal listenership.

We cover topics of interest to people bootstrapping software companies.

Our listeners

Our listeners run companies ranging from having just launched a product to $Xmillion/year in revenue – but the bulk are probably 1- or 2-person teams with traction.

We reach an engaged, loyal audience of several thousand software founders, small business owners, software developers, web consultants and other startup and web geeks.

Each episode gets about 1000 listens. The most popular episodes get 2000+ listens.

Episodes are released each Friday morning (Western Europe time).

Interested? Send me an email.

Ad format

Each episode contains up to two sponsorship messages, each approximately 30 seconds long.

I can customise your message in keeping with my tone and experience, or I can work with your script.

Along with your ad, you get:

  • Your logo, link, and description on the episode page
  • A link to your site within the show notes syndicated to podcast clients and our RSS feed

Ad rate

An ad in the “pre-roll slot” costs $150. The pre-roll is aired after the introduction.

A “mid-roll slot” is $100, and is aired midway through the episode.

Want to know more?

Contact Steve via email.